Fainting suddenly is 'dangerous'! Don't take this BP, it can be a sign of 3 fatal diseases

Loss of Consciousness: If you suddenly faint, then the reason for this is low blood pressure or reduced supply of blood to the brain. But sometimes fainting can also be a sign of serious and fatal diseases. In some cases, it is related to heart problems. According to the health expert, when a person regains consciousness after syncope i.e. sudden fainting, then he gets completely cured. This can also be a sign of arrhythmia. In this, the balance of heartbeat gets disturbed. Ignoring it can cause stroke or heart attack.

connection between fainting and the heart

Different people may have different reasons for fainting. Repeated occurrences can be a sign of heart or blood vessel problems. Sometimes it is also understood that fainting is a neurological problem, but it is wrong. This is the reason why very few people are able to reach the cardiologist in its initial phase. Cardiac syncope occurs suddenly. There is no understanding of any indication in this. That's why after its detection, treatment becomes most important.

cause of fainting


Fainting is an early symptom of arrhythmia. In this, blood circulation to other parts of the body becomes abnormal. In many cases, it does not cause any harm, but if its signs are not understood on time and treatment is not done, then it can also be fatal.

aortic dissection

Fainting is also one of the initial symptoms of this disease. It occurs when an artery that carries blood from the heart to other parts of the body bursts.

aortic valve stenosis

In this disease, the valve between the heart and the aorta becomes narrow. This happens during birth or at an older age.

major injury

Sometimes falling while unconscious can cause serious injury. This injury can be dangerous if it hits the head or bone.

when to be wary of fainting

heart pounding


darkness in front of the eyes


fall suddenly

dizziness, weakness

headache, nervousness

tips to avoid fainting

1. Keep a complete record of fainting and try to find out the reason for it.

2. If you feel dizziness, nausea, weakness, tiredness or change in vision, then consult an expert.

3. If you suddenly feel faint, sit or lie down immediately so that you do not get hurt. This increases blood circulation in the brain.

4. Changes in lifestyle, medicines and treatment can avoid fainting. For this, focus on good diet, complete sleep and exercise.

5. Darkness before the eyes can be the cause of abnormal neurological regulation of blood pressure control. In this case, consume more salt, drink water and take precautions.

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