First skin donation hospital opened in North India, know who needs it

Dr. Shalabh Kumar, Head of the Department of Burn and Plastic said, "Till now we didn't have skin bank in Delhi or North India... People used to call us and request for skin donation, but we could not act on them." Hospital surgery.

The best thing about skin transplant is that neither the same blood group is required nor is there any need to take immunosuppression medicine afterwards. Any person can donate skin and anyone's skin can be applied to any person. 

According to organ donation, Arbo Bank of AIIMS holds a special place in the country. But Safdarjung Hospital has created a new history regarding skin donation. 
Skin burn causes serious illness

Every year many people get skin burn due to burn in an accident or acid attack. In such a situation, people are helped with the help of skin donation. According to statistics, more than 80 lakh people get burnt every year in India.  Most of them are women and children. On the other hand, 10-15 percent people get serious skin related diseases due to second skin burn. It can also prove fatal. 

Why is skin donation needed?

Skin is the natural cover of any person's body. Which acts like a safe guard of the body. Not only this, it protects the body from sun, pollution, chemicals and bacteria. Also it keeps the body safe. Naturally, the skin recovers on its own after getting a slight injury or scratch etc. Along with this, these marks and spots start getting lighter gradually. 

How to donate skin?

For skin donation first blood test and skin color test is done. For skin donation, help can also be taken from the skin donation bank. Usually, when a person dies, the skin is donated to the needy within 6 hours. You will be surprised to know that the skin of the person who donates the skin is stored through the freezing process for 3-5 years. 

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