Former security personnel warn MPs not to speak against the army for cheap popularity

KATHMANDU: Retired security personnel have strongly objected to the debate on the reduction in the number of Nepali Army.

Addressing the program organized by the retired Nepali army officers at the Reporters Club in Nepal today (Friday), former security personnel in the representative assembly Dr. Swarnim Wagle and Vimala Rai in the National Assembly have strongly refuted the statements made about reducing the number of army.

Addressing the program, the former central vice-president of Security Personnel Council of Nepal, Pushpakhar Gautam, said that the campaign has started from the streets to the parliament to reduce the number of Nepali army based on foreign manipulation.

He claims that the Nepalese army has succeeded in creating its own glorious story in the military history of the world. He said that the army is dedicated to the service of the country and the people by tying the national integrity, sovereignty, independence and national diversity of Nepal to the formula of unity.

In addition, he said, the Nepali Army has been successful in presenting high-level artistic skills in peacekeeping operations in many countries of the world. He recalled that the Nepali Army is also contributing to the rescue of citizens during natural calamities in the country, the construction of dozens of national level roads, the construction of important structures of the nation, power projects and the protection of VIPs.

He said that the number of troops should be according to the United Nations standards, but Nepal does not have enough posts in all the numbers. He objected to the fact that the number of army should be reduced. He believes that such expressions will insult the army.

Similarly, Lenin Bista, a former child soldier of the Maoists, accused the government of reducing the army's morale. He objected that the matter of reducing the number of army was raised without study. He concluded that change in the country is not possible without the army. He accused the government of playing with the very existence of the country in the name of democracy.

'This government is playing with the very survival of the country in the name of democracy. This will happen in the future as well. It is the oldest organization in the world. Nepali army has a history. Today, that history was attacked,'' he said. He said that he and the former People's Liberation Army are still ready to fight for the country.

Bikram Pandey, former security personnel, Central Member of Nepal, accused the state of gradually weakening the army. He said that although they retired from the organization due to age limit, they did not retire for the benefit of the country and the people. Stating that the Nepali Army is engrossed in the defense of the country and Nepali people with its discipline, Pandey also warned all political parties not to make mistakes by using the army.

Former security personnel Central Vice President of Nepal Armed Police Force former DSP Khagendra Raj Basnet said that the Nepali Army is proud to protect the nation. He objected that the government was thinking of granting amnesty to Resham Chaudhary, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court, but did not think about the pride and dignity of the army.

'Think before you talk about the army. The words spoken without thinking will harm the country. The nation and nationalism will be damaged,'' he said.
He said that if politics is to be considered as a service, it is necessary to cut the salaries and allowances of the local level. He said that politics has not given any benefit and it is necessary to cut all kinds of political expenses. He said that the army is the pride of the nation and all Nepalis. He also expressed his commitment that the retired security personnel are ready to make sacrifices if the nation needs them.

Mohan Thapa, a central member of the Nepal National Ex-Servicemen's Association, said that the Nepali Army is an organization that builds the country of Nepal. He said that while the country was being built by establishing the army, the countries that are powerful in the world today are not even independent.

He claims that any development work will not be completed by making the Nepalese army smaller and avoid it. He said that some people have commented that the army has no work after the Sugauli Treaty, 'It is true that the army has not shown bravery in killing brothers in the internal conflict going on in the country. The army was not supposed to kill brothers. People were not to be killed. It was only the minimum responsibility for their own safety.' He claimed that the army forced the rebel forces to bring in peaceful politics.

Rathi Babukrishna Karki, the retired assistant, said that it is necessary to increase the number of Nepalese army rather than reducing it. He said that now the army is the first rescuer in various calamities by going to the people's settlements and serving them.

He claims that self-interest is hidden in reducing the number of troops. He also claimed that experts who came to Nepal on conflict management said that the number of troops should be five lakh.

Historian Bhim Burma said that criticisms are coming after the mass movement. He said that this kind of criticism is also dangerous in terms of security. He said that foreigners are fulfilling their own interests with such public comments.

Mentioning that countries smaller than Nepal have a larger army than Nepal, he said that such matters should not be discussed in the House and Parliament. He said that the army is the life of the country.

Former assistant Rathi Jeevan Narayan Shrestha said that when the country and the people face disaster, the army is the first rescuer. He recalled that when there were earthquakes, floods, landslides and security risks in the country, the army stepped forward.

Former General Dr. Premsingh Basnyat alleged that some people were speaking against the Nepali army by eating the handi of the firecrackers. He alleges that leaders, parliamentarians, judges all eat the handi of Firangi.

Pointing out that there is a need for some reforms within the army, he said that no one should forget the role of the army in building Nepal. He criticized the Prime Minister objecting to the inclusion of territory in Nepal in the map of Greater India.

He alleged that the Prime Minister could not say anything against India's excesses. He asked the high-ranking officers of the army to work in such a way that they can walk with their heads held high even after retirement.

Retired Assistant Rathi Dr. Keshar Bahadur Bhandari accused the politicians of weakening the army. He said that they will not tolerate the expression against the army. He asked them not to come on impulse and speak against the army for cheap popularity. Stating that the contribution of the army in building the country is incomparable, he urged them not to oppose it.

He claims that the Nepali Army is the best organization in Nepal in comparison. He said that the army is the first organization that can contribute when the country faces a crisis.

The program was conducted by ex-serviceman Hemshankar Giri. He said that it is a sensitive issue connected with the life of Senarashtra. He urged everyone to stop the serial attack on the army. He claims that the army is being attacked because of the protection of Nepal's diversity and culture.

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