Leaving aside achievements, the issue of Murra Rango or Buffalo took a long time in Parliament: Prime Minister

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that subsidiary issues are taking more time than the main issues in the Parliament.

While answering the questions raised by the parliamentarians regarding the budget of the next financial year in the House of Representatives meeting on Wednesday, he said that other issues than the achievements during his visit to India took up his time in the parliament.

'The standard of our public debate has fallen. Efforts are being made to create widespread distrust and disillusionment with democratic institutions. I also have a complaint with the Parliament. During my recent visit to India, the Nepal-India Transit Treaty, which had been stalled for years, was renewed with amendments. There has been a historic break through for electricity exports to India and the third world. However, leaving aside such great achievements, we took a long time of the Parliament on the dispute whether Murra Rango is a buffalo or not. I request that this honorable parliament is serious about the impact of such incidents on the people,' said Prime Minister Prachanda in the parliament meeting.

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