Supriya Pathak Recalls Meeting Shahid Kapoor For The First Time: 'He Was Very Warm'

Supriya Pathak, along with her sister Ratna Pathak Shah, made an appearance on Twinkle Khanna's YouTube talk show, The Icons. During the show, Supriya, known for her role in Khichdi, shared details of her first meeting with her stepson, Shahid Kapoor, after marrying actor Pankaj Kapur. Pankaj was previously married to actress Neliima Azeem, with whom he had Shahid.

During the interview, Twinkle asked both sisters about their experiences with blended families. Supriya shared that she met Shahid when he was six years old and found him to be the cutest and loveliest child she had ever seen. “I met Shahid when he was six years old. So, for me, he was the cutest baby I'd seen. He was such a lovely child," she said.

Supriya also shared that she instantly liked Shahid and found him warm. They didn't have any conflicts and connected well from the beginning. Despite being apart at times, whenever they met, they greeted each other positively. “He was very warm and he did not have any defiant reactions towards me, and nor did I have them too. So, when we met, it was instantly liking each other as people. And I think that is what just carried on. Though there were a lot of times when he was not with us, so whenever he would come and we kind of always… we reacted to each other as people,” she added.

The veteran actress also revealed that her relationship with her children transformed as they grew up and they have now become her close friends. Supriya and Pankaj are parents to Ruhaan and Sanah Kapoor. She said, “My children are my friends, really. My daughter and younger son are so much like friends that I can't simply label them as my children. When someone refers to Rohaan and Sana as 'your children,' I think, okay, maybe. It's like that. I genuinely enjoy this bond."

“My children are my friends, they really are. My daughter and my younger son are so much of my friends that I can't call them my son and daughter. If somebody starts talking about Rohaan and Sana as 'oh your children,' so I am like, ok, ya, maybe. So it's like that. I really enjoy that much more."

Interestingly, Shahid Kapoor and Sanah Kapoor worked together in Shaandaar

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