We often do 5 common mistakes while doing yoga, adopt the right method, otherwise...

Yoga Tips: Yoga is considered to be the best way to keep body and mind healthy. People of all ages can do yoga and get its benefits. As important as it is to include Yoga Tips in the routine, it is equally important to do it in the right way. Because yoga has its own rules. Most of the people are unaware of these rules and make common mistakes, due to which they also have to bear the loss. Yoga experts say that initially yoga should be done under the guidance of an expert. On International Yoga Day 2023, let us know about those 5 common mistakes that people often do while doing yoga…

1. Avoiding Warm-up

Yoga should start with warm up. However, many people do not consider it necessary and without warm-up, they start doing difficult and difficult asanas directly, which can lead to injury or sprain.

2. Attention to clothing

According to yoga experts, comfortable clothes should be worn during yoga. By wearing too tight and sticking clothes, the body is not able to move easily. That's why one should always wear such clothes, so that there is no problem in bending, turning and moving. Avoid wearing a belt while doing yoga.

3. How many hours before eating do yoga

Many people believe that yoga should be done at least 3 hours before eating food, but health experts call it wrong, they say that many people make such a mistake, while it is better to do yoga at least 3 hours after eating. It happens. Doing yoga before eating spoils digestion and also puts pressure on the heart system. Problems like obesity, indigestion, acidity and flatulence can also occur.

4. Wrong angle and posture

Some people themselves become yoga experts and start doing yoga. With the help of internet and books, they start practicing yoga, which is wrong. That's why whenever you start, take expert advice. Otherwise, there can be loss opposite to profit. When you go to do yoga with a trainer, then also inform him about your physical ability.

5. Wrong breathing pattern

It is most important to keep the right way of breathing while doing asanas. There is a natural process of breathing in the body. When we breathe in the wrong way, then its benefits are less and losses are more. In many cases, even serious diseases can occur. That's why always keep the way of breathing correct.

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