Rafael Nadal says 2024 may not be his last French Open: Don't want to close the door

Former World No.1 Rafael Nadal has refused to close the door on making a return to Roland Garros in 2025 as he doesn't want to say that the upcoming French Open could be his last won. Nadal made his debut at Roland Garros all the way back in 2005 and went on to win the French Open a record 14 times. However, the last few years have been a struggle for the Spaniard as he had been away from the court to due to injuries.

Speaking ahead of his first round match with Alexander Zverev, as quoted by Reuters, Nadal said that he cannot guarantee that he wouldn't return for the French Open next year as he feels he is enjoying his tennis and playing without any limitations at the moment. Nadal said he may reassess the call in some time but not at the moment.

"If I have to tell you it's 100% my last Roland Garros, sorry but I will not, because I cannot predict what's going on. I hope you understand," Nadal told a packed press conference.

"I don't want to close 100% the door, because it's a very simple thing. First, I'm enjoying playing tennis," he said, adding that he was "more or less healthy .. and playing without limitation".

"Maybe in one month and a half I'll say 'OK, it's enough, I can't keep going'. But today I cannot guarantee that it's going to be the last one."

Nadal's thoughts on Zverev showdown

Nadal was handed a tough first round draw as he is set to face the 4th-seeded Zverev because of his low ranking. The Spaniard said it could end up being a super tough match and he could end up on the wrong side of the result.

However, the former World No.1 is focused on giving himself a chance to be competitive. Nadal said he wants to just enjoy the match against the German at the moment.

"It's a super-tough first round. Maybe I go there and I repeat the disaster of Rome. It's a possibility. I don't want to hide that," Nadal said, referring to a second-round defeat by Hubert Hurkacz in the Italian capital this month.

"But in my mind is something different, play much better and give myself a chance to be competitive... I didn't play this level of opponents, being competitive since a super-long time.

"So all these questions I understand that you're making to me I'm asking to myself too. But the answer is going to be on Monday, no? That's it.

"The rest of the things are just talking and talking, and in the end don't matter. It's about my feelings and my feelings are better. I want to enjoy that match."

Nadal and Zverev will face each other on Monday, May 27.

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May 25, 2024


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