140 local levels across the country are without chief administrative officers


Kathmandu: Out of 753 local levels across the country, about 140 local levels are now without a chief administrative officer.

Due to the extreme lack of staff at the local level, the closest government to the people, these local levels have become without chief administrative officers.

Due to the lack of chief administrative officer, some local levels have not even been able to bring the budget for the next financial year. It is said that the local level complains to the General Association of Rural Villages and the Association of Municipalities in addition to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, saying that the manpower, including the chief administrative officers, who play a major role in budgeting and implementation, is not enough.

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, when 44 municipalities and 96 rural municipalities brought budgets, the acting chief administrative officer had to become the secretary of the town and village assembly.

Khilraj Rai, deputy secretary of the local level personnel administration branch at the ministry, informed that the chief administrative officer could not be sent to the local level due to the non-availability of deputy secretaries and officers at the federal level.

According to him, where there is no chief administrative officer, the ministry has appointed its senior staff on the recommendation of the executive and about 100 union employees have been sent to the local level.

According to him, the problem is that the chief administrative officer needed at the local level should be sent by the association and the state government should fill the posts through the public service to recruit other employees. Rasas

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