208 young men who make tiktok in the police jail are under action

Kathmandu: The police headquarters has taken action against 208 policemen who made TikTok videos during the winter. From 2077 to June 22 of the current financial year, the office has taken departmental action against the police who made Tiktok videos.

Since October 2077, the police head office had said that they would take action if they were found to have made videos, movies, telefilms, Tik Tok videos without obtaining permission. Under that, the spokesperson of the office and Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuber Kadayat informed that the policemen who did not follow the discipline were punished.

According to him, departmental action has been taken against 208 people in the period of three years, 82 in 2077/78, 30 in 2078/79 and 96 in 2079/80.

"Sometimes it comes on social media. We also have an investigation from that," he said. "We have a monitoring agency here and we monitor from that. Then we will send a letter to the concerned office and instruct them to take action."

He said that those who make Tik Tok videos in Bardima will be alerted first under departmental action. He further said, "There are many other types of actions in the departmental action, from warning to suspension, stopping his promotion, stopping his grade and so on."

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