When the smell came from the house, the dead body of Marathi film legend Rabindra Mahajani was found on opening the door.

Kathmandu: Famous Bollywood actor Ravindra Mahajani has passed away.

He was living in a rented flat in Ambi village in Pune. He was found dead in that flat. Ravindra was 77 years old. He often used to come to stay in this flat.

Neighbors informed the police after a foul smell came from the house. Then the police reached the spot. When the police opened the door of the flat, Ravindra was found dead. . The police believe that Rabindra may have died two or three days ago. Mahajani's relatives have been informed about this.

According to the police, Ravindra Mahajani was a resident of Mumbai. He was living alone in a rented apartment in Zarbia Society, Ambi, Talegaon Davade, for about 8 years. Neighbors alerted the police after a foul smell came from the apartment around 4:30 pm on Friday. After that, the team of Talegaon MIDC police station reached the spot and found the apartment locked from inside. In the presence of local residents, the police broke the door and found Ravindra's body inside.

Ravindra Mahajani was the father of actor Gashmir Mahajani. Along with Hindi cinema, Ravindra also worked in Marathi films. He is also known as Vinod Khanna of Marathi film industry. Because both his personality and looks were similar to Vinod Khanna. Along with acting, Ravindra also directed many Marathi films.

Ravindra Mahajani played the role of a police inspector in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Saat Hindustani. This was his first Bollywood film. He then acted in Marathi films Aaram Haram Ahe, Dunya Kari Salaam, Haldi Kunku. Apart from this, he worked in Faujdar Jhunj, Kalat Nakalat of Mumbai. His film 'Laxmichi Pavle' was a blockbuster. In 2015, he made a comeback with the film 'Ke Rao Theme'.

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