Former Lumbini Agriculture Minister Vijay Yadav arrested in banking offences

Kathmandu: Vijay Bahadur Yadav, director of agriculture and cooperatives of Lumbini province, has been arrested for banking offences.

On January 10, a case was registered against Yadav, who is also a UML leader, after a Bank of Kathmandu check of Rs.

After the case was registered, an arrest warrant was issued against Yadav. According to Rupandehi Police Spokesman and DSP Shyamu Aryal, the police took custody of Holia from Duduwa Rural Municipality of Banke on Sunday. Aryal said that the arrested Yadav was being brought to Rupandehi.

In the year 2074, he was elected from Jaspa from Banke State Assembly Constituency 2 '1' in the Lumbini State Assembly. Jaspa took action against him for participating in the government against the instructions of the party.

After Jaspa took action, he joined UML before the last election. In the last state assembly election, he was defeated by Jaspa's Bhandarilal Yadav in his own area.

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