A climbing route was started on the Mahabhir rock of Elam

Kathmandu: Under the coordination of Kalpana Maharjan, the world record climber and Tourism Goodwill Ambassador of Ilam Municipality, the work has been started to increase the climbing route at Mahbeer Rock in Ward No. 8 of Ilam Municipality.

Nar Bahadur Astani, the lead international mountain guide, fixed the route. Sujan Gurug, Thopten Lama and Sajjan Ghale are the assistants. It is managed by the Klammwig Tourist Area Promotion and Development Committee of Ilam Municipality 8 Mahbhir.

Ilam Tourism Goodwill Ambassador Maharjan said that 6 different grades of routes are being built on the rock in Mahabhir under the financial management of Ilam Municipality and Tourism Ward. It is planned to complete the work of making the route within a week. It is said that this is the first to be built in the eastern region of Nepal.

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