Army gross rank to get concessional loans from banks

Kathmandu: The gross ranks of the Nepali Army are going to get concessional loans from banks for home loans. If they want, they can get a loan from the National Commercial Bank.

For this purpose, the Army has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 'Soldier Gross Grade Concessional Voice Loan 2078' with the National Commercial Bank Limited and the National Insurance Institute on October 22, 2078.

According to which, those who have completed a minimum of 10 years of service in the military service, who do not have their house in the name of their husband or wife throughout Nepal and who have not taken subsidized educational loans and four-wheel vehicle loans, can get subsidized housing loans.

For that, the date of acquisition of the land for building a house should be open in their name, the second party will be recommended for the concessional loan if there is no opposition, claim, litigation, etc. during the construction of the house.

It is said in the letter, 'For housing loan, there is a provision of 6 months and 35 days in case of land that comes from resignation, 2 years and 25 days in case of box paper and 3 months in case of share bond. Along with this, in the case of land and houses to be purchased, loans will not be given more than the amount of the bag.

Similarly, the army has also said that insurance has been arranged from the National Insurance Institute for those who want to get life insurance

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