Inside the police premises, the policemen were tortured by tying their hands and feet, forming an inquiry committee

Kathmandu: A video of a police constable working in the district police office, Siraha, being tortured inside the office premises by tying his hands and feet has come out. A video has been released showing police constable Anu Roy working at Siraha, Jaleshwar Municipality-8 Phulhatta Gharbhai District Police Office of Mahottari, where his hands were tied behind his back and he was tortured.

Inspector Hemant Rai of his own office accused Rai of tying his hands and legs and torturing him. In a viral video on social media, police constable Rai Bakkani is crying and requesting to untie his tied hands. When the person who was having a double conversation with him asked where he drank alcohol, he said, 'I have not drunk alcohol, open my hand. If it is proved that I drank alcohol, I will quit my job' is heard.

Inspector Rai, who is said to be in the video conversation, is also heard giving instructions to the subordinate police personnel saying that he will leave after checking whether he has consumed alcohol or not. Police constable Rai is crying in the video and said 'don't torture me like this, kill me'. Public videos have exposed the treatment of even lower-ranking officers within the police force. More questions have been raised on the police because of the illegal behavior of the policemen who give 'service with a smile' to their employees.

When he approached his commander, Inspector Raika, to complain about the continuous over-duty, it is said that Inspector Rai abused police constable Rai. It is said that after Inspector Rai insulted him, police constable Rai also responded and tortured him for 12 hours by tying his hands and feet. Rai's relatives have said that they will go to court for justice.

Siraha Information Officer DSP Rabindra Raj Pandey defended the torturer saying that there was no such thing. He admitted that police constable Rai was a badass, but said that it was not the same as rumours.

DSP Pandale said that though Rai was said to be intoxicated, it was not shown in the medical report. On the other hand, Madhesh Police Chief, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Janak Bhattarai said that he also got information about the incident.

He came today to inaugurate the newly constructed housing building of the District Police Office, Siraha, and said that a committee has been formed for the necessary investigation of the incident. He said, 'I also got the information about the incident, and because I came to Sirah by chance, I formed an investigation committee today. Necessary action will be taken after the report of the committee.'

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