Lalita Niwas case: Registration of writ of habeas corpus by three accused persons

Kathmandu: Three of the four arrested in the land embezzlement case of Lalita Niwas have approached the Supreme Court with a writ of execution.

Bimal Paudel, the spokesperson of the Supreme Court, informed that three persons have registered the writ of habeas corpus. According to him, former election commissioner Sudhir Kumar Shah, owner of Bhabhateni Super Market Meen Bahadur Gurung and ex-employee of Malport office Dharmaprasad Gautam are among those who took the writ in this way. The writ will be heard on Friday.

They were arrested by the police along with another Gopal Karki on 12th June. On the 13th, the Kathmandu District Court has already allowed the police to keep them in custody for seven days and investigate.

Kaladhar Deuja, Surendraman Kapali and Hupendramani KC have been released from among those who were arrested after they were found to have brought staders from the Supreme Court.

From 2049 to 2069, it was found that the land of Lalita Niwas in Baluwatar, owned by the government, was registered in the names of different people. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) is investigating the case.

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