New application for license from today, now revenue online

KATHMANDU: The trend of crowding and intermediaries in the traffic management offices is going to end now. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport is going to re-apply for driver's license renewal, category addition, as those who have previously applied but were not successful, will re-apply through electronic means.

"As soon as I took over the responsibility of this ministry, I decided to end the crowding and middlemanship in the transport management office. We have arranged for new applications for licenses, renewals, addition of vehicles and revenue to be paid online from today," Minister Prakash Jwala said, starting the online service. We have started the service from Pokhara in the Gandaki province, within a month we will start the online service from the transport offices in Deva.'

Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Jwala launched the online service on Wednesday. While launching the online service, State Minister Nanda Chapai, Gandaki Province Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport Minister Resham Bahadur Juglali were connected through digital means.

After the online service resumes, one will only have to go to the transport management office to take biometrics, give a written test and give a trial. "We are going to make arrangements to take the health examination not only from the transport management office but also from the doctors appointed by the provincial ministry," said Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, director general of the transport management department.

Almost 33 lakh 60 thousand people have given driver's license in Nepal. They do not have to stand in line outside the transport management office for RIB renewal and class addition. License renewal is also being arranged for 10 years instead of five/five years.

Now that the new application has been approved, there is no need to go to the transport office to see the results of the written test and practical test. 'For that, we are arranging for SMS to be sent to the mobile number,' said the Director General.

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