Plan to reduce unemployment to 3 lakh by 2086

KATHMANDU: The National Planning Commission has taken forward the formulation of the overall human governance development plan. Commission member Dr. The committee of directors formed under the coordination of Ramesh Paudel has prepared a report on the human resources development plan and proceeded with the discussion.

In view of the importance of human resource development for the country's development, the National Planning Commission has taken forward the work of formulating a comprehensive human resource development plan. Commission member Dr. Under the coordination of Paudel, a directorate committee was formed with representatives from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Federal Affairs as well as universities, the Federation of Nepalese Industry and Commerce, and private sector schools. Federation President Chandra Prasad Dhakal is a member from the private sector in the board of directors.

The consultant was asked to prepare a report by setting the working conditions to advance the formulation of the overall human resources development plan. The consultant has presented the final draft of the report on 20 June. The draft report includes the details of Nepal's current human resources situation, employment and unemployment situation along with the projection of possible employment to be created by the year 2086. Currently there are about 9 lakh unemployed people in the country. Issues such as reducing it to 3 lakh by 2086, expanding employment in the public and private sector, and expanding skill-based training are included in the report.

For this, the Human Resource Development Plan has also been suggested in detail to create skilled employment. Various suggestions have been presented within 14 working areas. To make the draft more refined and realistic, the coordinator of the committee Dr. Ramesh Poudel has directed. It is also suggested to present various scenarios using simulation in the launch. After receiving the final report, the National Planning Commission will coordinate the necessary for its implementation. Paudel said.

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