The budget of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality is 6 billion 31 million 79 million

Kathmandu: Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality of Chitwan has released the budget for the financial year 2080-81.

Metropolitan Deputy Chief Chitrasen Adhikari presented a budget of 6 billion 317 million 90 thousand rupees for the financial year 2080-81 in the Municipal Assembly meeting held on Sunday.

For this, the internal income is 1.75 billion, 1.83 billion 99.75 thousand received from inter-governmental financial transfers, 548.0 million 15 thousand from the revenue distribution of the central and Bagmati provincial government, 500 million from public participation, 1.65 billion from the bank balance and 30 million from the road board. The existing budget is taken as a source.

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