The government has no intention of reducing the number of Nepalese army: Defense Minister Khadka

Kathmandu: The Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has made it clear that the Nepalese government has no intention of reducing the number of Nepalese army.

While answering the various questions raised by the parliamentarians during the discussion of the Appropriation Bill, 2080 in today's meeting of the National Assembly, he said, "The number of Nepali Army has been determined based on the needs of the country, the current situation, the country and the international environment. In future too, the number will be determined based on the same principle.”

Defense Minister Khadka made it clear that the Nepali Army is currently actively engaged in various tasks with full responsibility. According to him, the number of Nepalese army has been utilized to the highest extent for the development and progress of the country.

"I would like to request everyone that the Nepali Army is always active in border security and geographical integrity protection in accordance with the constitution, prevailing laws and international norms", he said, "The number of army of any country depends on the country's geographical situation, national needs and international environment and from time to time. It is determined according to the needs of the country."

He also clarified that the number of Nepalese army will be determined according to the decision of the Government of Nepal on the recommendation of the National Security Council. He also said that the Nepali Army has effectively and responsibly performed the responsibilities given by the Constitution and other laws, the responsibilities given by the government from time to time, and peacekeeping at the international level.

He said, "As long as there is creation, our country will exist. Until that time, the Nepalese army is fully committed to the defense of our country, geographical integrity, and border defense. The Nepali Army has been performing its role in a very disciplined manner by turning the unfavorable situation into a favorable one.

He said that the strength of the Nepali Army is 96,477, but the current number is 81,277. Among them, 74,555 men and 6,772 women, he said.

He said that the current Nepalese army has been given responsibility for two major tasks. According to him, 40,207 people have been assigned to peacekeeping forces, various trainings, disaster management and development, while the remaining 41,700 people have been assigned to operations and duties.

He said that the Nepali Army is also deployed in the construction of physical infrastructure, environment and nature protection and disaster management. He said that the Nepali Army also played a major role in establishing international peace.

"The Nepali Army has played a very important role in peacekeeping in conflict countries under the umbrella of the United Nations in any part of the world", Defense Minister Khadka said. has fallen."

Defense Minister Khadka said that the Nepali Army is second in terms of peacekeeping in the world and excellent in terms of effectiveness.

Regarding the management of the army, he said that under the campaign from bunker to barracks, 3,722 barracks are being built out of 5,850 barracks. He also said that a budget of around two billion has been allocated for this in the coming year.

Defense Minister Khadka mentioned that the Nepali Army has got the responsibility for the construction of the Terai-Madhes Expressway and informed that the work will be completed by the end of March 2083. "There has been a delay in the construction of the fast track due to the corona epidemic and others. Now the construction is being carried forward at a fast pace, and work is being done to complete it by the end of March 2083."

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