The youth of Biplava put a lock on the microfinance office

Kathmandu: Netra Vikram Chand 'Biplav', a youth organization close to CPN, Nepal, has locked the branch office of Jeevan Bikas Laguvitt Sanstha located in Damak-8, Jhapa.

The team led by the in-charge Pukar C of the youth organization Nepal Jhapa with a black banner took out the microfinance employees and locked them out this afternoon. In addition, they vandalized the microfinance board and set it on fire.

The victims demanded that the Jeevan Bikas microfinance threatened the borrowers at the local level, exploited them to the extreme, and charged high interest.

Pukar Si, the in-charge of the organization, informed that the financial chaos did not stop even after the workers of the CPN called the attention of the microfinance staff to this matter.

He said that the said organization has led several sisters to commit suicide and created terror in the society in the style of gangsterism, if it is not corrected, further action will be taken.

Earlier, the Communist Party of Nepal seized the house of Navraj Vimli in Birtamod on Saturday on charges of meter theft.

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