'There is no truth in the material published in connection with the army'

Kathmandu: Rajendra Shakya and Sitaram Khadka have issued a statement and objected to the material circulated on the subject of plot number 25 in Chandragiri municipality ward number 9. Through a statement, they objected that the news was broadcast in an exaggerated manner on June 19.

On January 25, 2053, the land jointly purchased by Sitaram Khadka and Rajendra Shakya was found to have been encroached upon by Sandhiyar Manoj Shrestha, and a petition was registered at the surveyor's office. The team assigned from the surveyor's office checked the measurement of the land and it was proved that the area of ​​the land is 7 ropani 9 anas. According to the drawings made by the surveyor's office, when Shakya and Khadka were preparing to build a wall for the protection of the land, Sandhiyar Manoj Shrestha filed a writ in the Patan High Court demanding an injunction. On 11 February 2078, the joint bench of Patan High Court Judges Madhav Prasad Pokharel and Nareshwar Bhandari ruled in favor of Shakya and Khadka, stating that the question of public right and concern claimed by the writ petitioner was not found. According to the court verdict, Khadka and Shakya have objected to the published material which was made in coordination with the concerned ward office.

It is mentioned in the statement that the misleading news has also defamed the court. "Condemning the material published in a misleading and fictitious manner, we would like to request our brothers and sisters, well-wishers and everyone not to believe such misleading, factless and fictitious news and not to follow it" - said in the statement signed by Shakya and Khadka.

"There is no truth in the arguments and comments mentioned in the material about our personal land" - the statement said - "It is our understanding that the material has been prepared and broadcast in a misleading and fictitious manner, including the name of a clean and dignified organization like the Nepali Army, in order to assassinate individual characters." is There is no truth in the statement that the public land claimed in the video material has been destroyed. In order to protect our land, we have put up a wall as per the order of the High Court of Patan, as per the demarcation set by the Amin team deployed from the surveyor's office. We have not violated an inch of any person's or public land and we cannot even think of violating it. The content mentioned in the news itself confirms that the publication of the news is sponsored to assassinate the character of a person.

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