These are the prices of fruits and vegetables: Cauliflower 75 rupees

Kathmandu: Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee has released today's price list.

According to the Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee, today (Monday) the average price of vegetables and fruits per kg is Rs. 13 to Rs. 850 per kg. According to the price list, the cheapest price per kg for local is 13 rupees and 850 rupees for Kiwi per kg.

Similarly, Nepalese goat, soybean, bitter gourd and okra are priced at Rs 95 per kg, local small goat at Rs 25, small tunnel goat at Rs 40, red potato at Rs 47, Indian red potato at Rs 35.

Similarly, ripe red potato Rs 39, white potato Rs 34 50 paisa, dried onion (Indian) Rs 53 25 paisa, local carrot Rs 96, local cauliflower and zhiguni Rs 75 per kg, local cauliflower (Japu) Rs 86 67 paisa, local white Radish is Rs 17 and 50 paise, lamcho banta, gourd and palugo greens are Rs 85 per kg, stem bodi and ghee beans are fixed at Rs 110 per kg.

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