To celebrate the birthday of Gyanendra Shah at Rajawadi Nirmalnivas

Kathmandu: Today is the 77th birthday of former king Gyanendra Shah. On the occasion of his birthday, the royalists are advocating for the restoration of the monarchy.

The royalists have formed a committee to celebrate the former king's birthday with grandeur. The same committee reached Nirmal Niwas on Saturday to wish the former king. They went to wish and congratulate the former king, but when Gyanendra was not found, they returned from outside the gate after handing over a letter of congratulations and a bouquet of flowers to the former king's representative.

Former Raja's communication secretary Phani Pathak said that Former Raja Nirmal was not at Niwas. Purvaraja is staying with his family at a resort in the capital to celebrate his birthday.

He said that there is a program of lighting 77 lamps in the evening to wish the good health and long life of the former king. He informed that at 7:00 PM preparations were being made to light the lamp at Nirmal Niwas.

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