Two ministries of Lumbini province were renamed

Kathmandu: The Lumbini state government has changed the names of two embassies. The meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday has decided to change the name of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Law and Cooperatives in the province and make it the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Similarly, the government spokesman and Home Affairs Minister Santosh Kumar Pandey informed that the name of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been changed to the Ministry of Finance. The Council of Ministers meeting has decided to make the first amendment of the Contract Staff Management Procedure, 2080.

Minister Pandey informed that the meeting has decided to give approval of Personnel Management (O&M) to Rapti Provincial Hospital Tulsipur owned by Lumbini Province to make it a 200 bed hospital.

Similarly, it has approved the payment of the obligation towards the conditional grant for the financial year 2078-79. For the management of the Directorate, it has been decided to form a committee under the coordination of Sharad Chandra Paudel, the former secretary of the Government of Nepal, to study the work area, role, effectiveness and need of the Directorate under the various ministries of the provincial government, and analyze and study the effective performance and moral development of the employees, and that committee will submit the study report within a month. is

Similarly, the Lumbini provincial government has informed that the provincial government has decided to provide a relief amount of Rs.

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