Arthritis pain has increased in the rainy season, so follow these 7 remedies and get immediate relief

Arthritis Pain Treatment: Arthritis pain is more troubling in the rainy season. This is such a pain, which can occur on any joint of the body. Usually it bothers more in hands, knees, hips and spine. Arthritis can have many causes, including genetics, old age, injury, infection, obesity, and smoking. If this pain bothers you more in monsoon, then 7 remedies can get rid of this pain (Arthritis Pain Treatment in Monsoon) immediately. Let's know...

7 ways to get rid of arthritis pain in monsoon

always be active

If you are troubled by the pain of arthritis in monsoon, then exercise regularly. This will make the body flexible and relieve arthritis pain. Avoid working out in humid conditions.

control weight

Being overweight can increase arthritis pain. This pain can increase due to excessive pressure. To reduce the pressure on the joints, attention should be paid to weight control.

keep diet healthy

Healthy diet is very effective in relieving the pain of arthritis. Therefore, definitely include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat proteins in the food.

keep the body hydrated

Drinking water keeps the joints lubricated and prevents them from becoming rigid. Due to which the pain of arthritis is reduced and it gives relief to a great extent.

hot and cold compress

To get rid of joint pain in rainy season, do hot or cold fomentation. This gives relief to a great extent. Use of cold compress or ice pack is also very beneficial.

yoga, meditation

According to health experts, stress can increase the pain of arthritis to a great extent. Therefore, relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation or deep breathing should be used. This can relieve the pain of arthritis.

don't forget to take your medicines

If you eat any medicine for arthritis pain and the doctor has advised to eat it regularly, then follow it. Do not treat yourself by becoming a doctor. With this, you can get relief from this pain in monsoon.

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