Do you also do self isolation to get relief... know its serious consequences

Self isolation: Isolation, a word that came during the Kovid epidemic, has become an integral part of our lives. Isolation used to be necessary to keep oneself safe during Corona, but now some people have made it a part of their life. In fact, people are increasingly moving towards self-isolation to get mental peace by removing the pressure in the run-of-the-mill life. People are avoiding conversation with others. They are trying to protect themselves from external influences and people. Doing so is proving to be harmful rather than beneficial. It has started emerging as a disease. Let us know how?

What is self isolation?

According to the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, self-isolation includes sitting alone for long periods of time, trying to cut off from people, intentionally keeping distance from others, living life on one's own choice. Sometimes it is right to do so, it does not hinder your progress, but prolonged activity in solitude also has the potential to negatively affect mental health. According to experts, people often choose to isolate themselves when they are wholeheartedly on a mission or goal or those who are in search of mental peace, they also decide to live alone.

Know the reason for choosing self isolation

  1. Feelings of stress and anxiety can lead individuals to isolate themselves from others. In an effort to deal with their feelings, people seek to live in an isolated world. Due to which their mental health is further affected as they distance themselves from social contact.
  2. Experiencing the pain of a breakup or losing a special someone can greatly affect one's mental state. In such situations, it becomes common to seek solitude and avoid opening up in front of others. In such a situation, people self-isolate.
  3. Excessive use of social media can reduce interest in the outside world. That's why people isolate themselves.
  4. People suffering from chronic diseases often find themselves isolated from the outside world. Their reduced ability to interact and engage in social activities creates a natural distance from others, sometimes unconsciously deepening their self-isolation.

Know the disadvantages of self isolation

    • Individuals who live alone may develop feelings of irritability over time. Such people may feel angry and irritable when they cannot find company for themselves. Feelings of anxiety and depression may develop, which may further worsen their overall mental health.
    • Being alone again and again can disturb sleep, individuals often suffer from insomnia. Waking up late at night with excessive thinking affects the quality of sleep, leaving their mind fatigued due to lack of sleep.
    • Individuals who live alone may be at a higher risk of chronic health problems. Due to less physical activity, their overall health may decline.
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