Being confused throughout the day is also a kind of disease, know what is ADHD, why it is dangerous

ADHD : You must have seen many people, who remain confused throughout the day. It takes them a long time to take a decision. Such people may be vulnerable to a major problem called Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD). According to many studies, the problem of ADHD is found in about 1.6 percent to 12.2 percent of children in India. Let us know what is this problem and how serious it can be.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a type of mental disorder. Many problems are seen continuously when it comes under its grip. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the development of the brain and nervous system. Because of this, different parts of the brain are not able to come in contact with each other and their brain is not able to communicate, due to which the work of the brain is affected.

Why is it called adult deficit hyperactivity disorder?

People with the problem of this disorder are unable to concentrate in one place, nor are they able to sit in one place. Mostly this problem is seen in children. However, sometimes this problem is also seen in adults, which is called Adult ADHD. Because of ADHD, it is very difficult to teach children anything.

What are the symptoms of ADHD

    • trouble focusing
    • anger, irritability, restlessness
    • have a hot temper
    • see the problem first
    • time management not right
    • multitasking
    • trouble with planning
    • frequent mood swings
    • forget to complete a task
    • easily distracted
    • having trouble sitting

What are the causes of ADHD


due to improper diet

smoking, excessive alcohol consumption

What is the treatment of ADHD

    • talking therapy
    • Focus on Regular Activity
    • Make a list of daily routine in advance.
    • understand the child's preferences
    • Do creative work.
    • Get counseling done.


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