Why should alcohol and meat be given up in the month of Sawan or in the rains, science has also given this logic

As soon as the month of Sawan comes, many people are such that they take a completely sattvic form. We mean by Satvik that he does not even touch alcohol and non-veg for the entire month. He eats very simple food throughout the month, observes a fast and devotes his mind to worshiping Lord Shiva. The religious logic behind this is that the month of Sawan is the month of Lord Shiva. If Lord Shiva is to be pleased, then it is considered good to lead a very simple life this month.

There are many religious arguments behind giving up alcohol and non-veg in the month of Sawan. But today what logic does science give behind it. We'll talk about that. According to science, one should not eat too much tamasic food this month. Like alcohol, non-veg, oil, spices. This month is also associated with the month of animal reproduction.

Sawan month is the breeding season

The month of Sawan is also called the breeding season. Most of the creatures do breeding in this month. In such a situation, it is said that if an organism is pregnant and if we eat it, then it can be very harmful for our body. There is a lot of logic behind this. According to science, if we eat the flesh of a pregnant animal, then there can be disturbances in the hormones of our body. Because of which the chances of getting many diseases will increase in the future.

digestive power becomes weak

It rains a lot in the month of Sawan. In such a situation, the sun does not rise at all. In such a situation, the metabolism of the human body i.e. the digestive power starts to weaken. Non-veg food which is a tamasic food which can cause problems in human digestion. Along with this, there can be health related problems in this season. In this season, the risk of getting many skin related infection diseases increases.

risk of infection

Monsoon Due to incessant rains in the month of May, skin infections spread rapidly. In this season, the infection of organisms occurs very fast. In such a situation, it is believed that skin infection makes the organism its victim and then by eating that organism, the risk of skin infection increases. That's why it is advised to eat.

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