Attention ! Asthma is making children its victims, know the right way of rescue

Asthma in Children: Due to swelling in the airways, it shrinks and there is a problem of asthma. Asthma in children is very sensitive. According to one figure, symptoms of asthma are found in about 80 percent of children in the first 6 years. This affects their daily activities and they have to be taken to the doctor again and again. This affects their body. According to the pediatrician, if children's asthma is not treated at the right time, then there is a risk of it increasing. This may worsen as they age. Asthma in children can also be genetic. Reasons like change in weather, air pollution can also be responsible for this.

symptoms of asthma in children

    • shortness of breath
    • heaviness and tightness in the chest
    • cough or sneeze in cold or flu
    • Delayed recovery after a respiratory infection
    • to be tired

How to spot asthma in children

Children should not be troubled by asthma and they should be treated properly, so parents should pay attention to their child. Their symptoms should be taken seriously. If children are older than 5 years, then lung function test is used to check asthma in them. Apart from this, it can also be detected by Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) and Spirometry test. Fano testing is done for most of the school children.

asthma treatment

Asthma treatment also changes with age. Inhalation therapy is considered the best treatment. Asthma cannot be cured quickly in children and adults. However, if it is detected at the right time, then it can definitely be controlled. Parents can take doctor's advice for this. Children should be taken care of according to the things told by the doctor. Keep track of the timing, duration and circumstances of an asthma attack, changes in symptoms or activity, side effects of medicines and the entire course of treatment. This helps a lot.

Ways to control asthma in children

1. Reduce contact with the reasons that are identified.

2. Keep children away from tobacco. Don't even use it in front of them.

3. Encourage children for physical activity. This makes him strong and his lung capacity increases more.

5. Get regular check-ups done to keep medicines and treatment properly organized.

6. Control heartburn and acid reflux.

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