Attention ! By 2050, 130 crore population of the world will be in the grip of this disease.

Diabetes: Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the world. Two years ago in 2021, where 529 million i.e. 53 crore population of the world was in its grip, the report that has come now has worried everyone. It has been feared in this report that in the next 25 to 30 years i.e. by 2050, 1.3 billion i.e. about 130 crore people can become diabetic patients. This disease can make people of any age its victim. This has been revealed in a study published in the Lancet Journal. In which concern has been expressed that in the next three decades, the cases of diabetes may increase more than two times. This can be a big challenge for the world. Because it is progressing very fast as compared to other diseases.

Diabetes statistics are scary

It has been told in this study that the information of Global Burden of Disease of the year 2021 has been used in the study. In which researchers examined the incidence, causes and deaths of diabetes in 204 countries from 1990 to 2021. On this basis, the figure of diabetic patient has been estimated till 2050. The UN has also told in an estimate that by 2050, some of the population of the world may be around 9.8 billion i.e. more than 980 crores. Then every 7th person can be in the grip of diabetes.

Half of the population of these countries will be in the grip of diabetes

Dr. Stephen Lawrence, a member of the research team at Britain's Warwick University, said that accurate modeling studies have been used in this study. So it is not just a guess. In 2021, 529 million population of the whole world was suffering from diabetes, which was 6.1 percent of the total population of the world. Now by 2050 in 204 countries, this figure can be more than 43.6%. In this, age-related diabetes is spreading fastest in Qatar. In 2021, 76% of people aged 75-79 were in the grip of diabetes. Now it can increase even more.

why diabetes is on the rise

Obesity is the biggest reason for increasing diabetes. After this comes the number of food and bad lifestyle. Professor Lawrence says that this risk is increasing by eating more hypercaloric foods. Our genes cannot deal with these things. That's why food and lifestyle should be improved.

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