Can eating food after 'expiry date' really worsen health? learn from expert

Expiry date is written on most of the food items sold in the markets. Although many times we unknowingly eat these things after the expiry date. While there are some people who, despite knowing the expiry date, feel free to eat these things and claim that it does not affect the health so badly. Now the question is, can packed food really be eaten even after the expiry date? Actually, eating food items after the expiry date has different effects on different people. It is also possible that it may not affect anyone at all.

The number of such people is very large, who do not decide to throw the packed food according to the expiry date, rather they see how the food smells. If they like the smell of food, then they do not care that its expiry date has passed. Many people also claim that things can be eaten for a few days after the expiry date. Because they are not bad.

Should not take 'risk'

Many food experts say that the expiry date of some food items is quite confusing. There is no harm in eating them even after the last date is over. However, it is not at all that one should take the risk of eating food after the expiry date has passed. Jane Fillenworth, a dietitian, says that by eating something after the expiry date, you can come in contact with harmful bacteria. Due to this, the problem of fever, diarrhea and vomiting can also arise.

effect on nutrition

Eating food after a few days of expiry or best before date may not cause any harm to your health. But it is certain that its nutritional value will definitely be affected. It will not be as fresh and healthy as before. It is possible that some people may not see any of its effects. But it is also possible that its bad effects can be seen in some people. If you want to avoid any physical problem, then never take the risk of eating food items after expiry.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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