Cancer victim's life from your cut hair... Know what is hair donation, how and where to do it?

What Is Hair Donation And Its Importance: You must have heard about many types of charity in your life. Many types of donations must have been done out of that. Amidst all this, have you heard about hair donation. Your cut hair which you can also donate. However, there is a method for that too. According to which by donating hair, you can improve the life of a cancer patient. A hair donation drive is also going to be held on June 30 near Allahabad Bank located on Mira Road on behalf of Mickey Amogh Foundation and Deep Dream Charitable Trust in Mumbai. Where there is an offer of free haircut, with the condition that you have to donate hair.

Cancer victims will be useful

If you donate hair in this or any such hair donation camp, it can improve the lives of cancer victims. Special wigs are made from this hair for cancer victims. Most of the people know that due to the treatment of cancer, the hair of the victims gets completely blown away. Many cancer patients also get depressed due to their looks. Hair is donated or made to save such people from depression. Most organizations make wigs made of these hairs available to cancer patients free of cost.

How can hair donation be done?

    • There are also some conditions for donating hair for this noble cause. Those who want to donate hair, the length of their donated hair should be at least ten inches.
    • Hair should be such that no hard chemical treatment has been done on it. Nor are they bleached.
    • People with too much white hair also cannot donate hair.
    • If you want to send the hair to any institution through courier, then send it keeping it in an air tight polythene. It should be cut with some sharp scissors after applying rubber. Scattered or stray hairs or bunches cannot be donated.

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