Cases of spinal stroke are increasing rapidly, know how to detect it in advance?

Spinal Stroke Symptoms: Like brain stroke, cases of spinal stroke have increased rapidly all over the world. Just as a brain stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced, similarly the risk of a spinal stroke increases when the blood supply to the spine is affected. Spinal stroke is very dangerous, it can cause paralysis and this disease also proves fatal. Let us know today what is spinal stroke and how its symptoms can be identified.

what is spinal stroke

Let us tell you that proper blood supply is required for proper functioning of the spinal cord. Actually, the spinal cord itself works to send nerve impulses to the rest of the body. Due to the signals sent by the spinal cord, many functions of the body are done like moving the arms and legs and the operation of other parts of the body is also done by these signals. When there is no proper blood supply to the spinal cord, due to this the supply of oxygen to it also gets disturbed. This problem is also called spinal stroke as well as spine card infarction. Blood supply is usually broken due to blood clotting, injury or bleeding. Interruption of this supply damages the tissues and cells of the spine and can lead to cell death. Cells dying affects the operation of hands and feet. A person's hands and legs do not move, he can also be paralyzed.

Common symptoms of spinal stroke

To prevent spinal stroke from becoming serious, it is necessary to recognize its initial and general signs. In the first few hours of spinal stroke, the patient starts having muscle spasms, he starts having difficulty in walking. The hands and feet of the patient start becoming numb. He loses control over urine. In such a situation, difficulty in breathing is also a sign of spinal stroke. In many cases the patient gets paralyzed and in some cases the patient may also be at risk of death.

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