Check your BMI like this, if it comes more than 30, then the body will become a base of diseases.

Health Tips: In today's era, the reason for most of the diseases is lack of physical activities at all and obesity. Health experts are considering weight gain as the most serious. Let's check the weight in two ways. The first is from the weight machine and the second is BMI (Body Mass Index). Through this, both fat and weight in the body can be detected. BMI higher than normal can be dangerous. It can give feast to many diseases. That's why you should be careful. A BMI of 18-25 is considered normal. 25-30 BMI is overweight and more than 30 BMI means you are obese. BMI can be known online or in many other ways. There is a risk of some diseases in people with BMI more than 30. Let's know...


The more the body weight, the more pressure is exerted on the joints. Because of this, bones and joints become weak. Due to these, there can be problems like knee pain, osteoarthritis, back pain. If there is a BMI of 25 or more, then there is a risk of stiffness in the joints. Because of this, osteoarthritis can increase. If there is already a problem in the knees, then it can be more dangerous.

fatty liver

If the body weight is high then its effect falls on the liver. Having a high BMI can lead to accumulation of fat in the liver. Due to fatty liver, liver function can be affected and cirrhosis can also be a problem. According to some research, reducing the weight of people suffering from fatty liver problem can cure this problem.


Heart muscle problems are associated with cardiomyopathy. Because of this, the heart is not able to pump blood properly. According to health experts, due to high BMI, the risk of high blood pressure also increases. This can result in cardiomyopathy. In this disease, the heart becomes hard and thick. In such a situation, blood is not able to pump to the rest of the body and causes a heart attack.

Be careful with these types of problems

    • high cholesterol or dyslipidemia


    • Type-2 Diabetes.


    • diseases of the arteries


    • gall bladder disease


    • sleep apnea


    • breathing problems


    • anxiety or stress or mental illness


    • body pain


    • difficulty functioning physically


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