Cold drinks and chewing gum can cause cancer! WHO warned

If you are also addicted to diet coke, ice cream and chewing gum, then now the time has come to keep distance from these things. Because in a research a shocking disclosure has been made about them. Research has claimed that consuming these things can lead to the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer. In fact, artificial sweetener 'aspartame' is added to all soft drinks and chewing gum for sweetness. Aspartame is the only thing that can cause cancer in the body.

According to this research by the World Health Organisation, aspartame is a carcinogenic, which means it can trigger cancer cells in the body. If you are consuming any such thing, in which aspartame is present, then it clearly means that you are inviting yourself to a deadly disease like cancer. Aspartame is widely used in diet coke, diet soda and chewing gum. Aspartame is a type of artificial sweetener, which is used to bring sweetness.

200 times sweeter than aspartame

'International Agency for Research on Cancer' (IARC) says that it does not matter how much quantity of aspartame rich things you are consuming. If you are consuming this artificial sweetener even in small amounts, then you are putting your life in danger. You can guess how dangerous aspartame is for health by the fact that aspartame has 200 times more sweetness than granulated sugar.

The risk of cancer is high in these people

IARC is going to declare it officially carcinogen on 14th July. Let us tell you that last year a research was done on more than one lakh people in France regarding the effects of aspartame. It was revealed in this research that people who use artificial sweetener have a higher risk of cancer.

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