Diseases are changing with the weather, the risk of these diseases has increased after the onset of monsoon

Monsoon Health Tips: After the scorching summer, when monsoon comes, there is greenery all around. Rain is really pleasant but this season of monsoon diseases brings a lot of risks for health. During this time, many diseases attack at the same time and most of the people fall in their grip without knowing about the preventive measures. Health experts say that due to temperature and high humidity in monsoon, disease-causing bacteria become active in the environment and the risk of many types of infectious diseases increases. Let us know which diseases are more at risk in monsoon and what are the best ways to avoid them.

risk of diarrhea in monsoon

Diarrhea spreads very fast during the monsoon season due to dirty water and contaminated food. Due to this, there is a problem of vomiting and diarrhea. If dirty rain water enters the stomach, the stomach gets upset. In such a situation, attention should also be paid to the quality of food because contaminated and stale food can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

viral infection

Viral infection is the biggest risk during the monsoon season because it spreads widely. This infection includes fungal infection, bacterial infection, stomach infection and foot infection. There are many such infections that directly attack the immunity of the body, due to which the body becomes very weak and other diseases become successful in attacking.

risk of pneumonia

During the monsoon season, the bacteria of pneumonia spread in the air weaken the body. They reach the body through breath and this causes swelling and water in the lungs. Young children and the elderly fall prey to pneumonia very quickly in this season. Especially those who stay wet for a long time, they come in its grip very quickly.

How to avoid monsoon diseases

    • At least get wet in the monsoon rains
    • the food is fresh, hot and well cooked
    • drink boiled water in monsoon
    • Anti bacterial medicines should be taken on time
    • Avoid going to contaminated places and avoid eating outside food
    • If you get sick, see a doctor immediately
    • Do not keep body parts in water for a long time
    • try to keep your clothes dry
    • Keep taking immunity boosting diet
    • Diarrhea patients should be given ORS solution from time to time.


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