Do you also boil milk again and again! Know whether it is right to do so or not

Can We Boil Milk Multiple Times: Milk is a complete diet in itself. This is the reason why milk is used daily in everyone's house. Nutrients are found in many ways in it, which strengthens our body, but often people make a big mistake while boiling milk. Because of which you do not get the full benefit of it. In fact, many women boil the milk several times for a long time in order to thicken the milk and extract cream from it. But doing so is not right at all. Let us know what happens by boiling milk again and again.

Is it right to boil milk again and again?

Drinking boiled milk is beneficial for health because many harmful bacteria are present in it, due to which there is a risk of infection. Milk is boiled to kill them. According to the nutritionist, no matter what kind of milk it is, it is right to boil it once to twice. Boiling milk more than this kills the good bacteria present in it. Boiling milk destroys the nutrients present in it. Due to which the proteins, vitamins, calcium present in it have no effect on the health.Milk is known to be rich in Vitamin D which helps in calcium absorption.

Repeated boiling of milk can also reduce the amount of this vitamin in it, which can reduce the absorption of calcium, due to which the bones can become weak.To maintain the nutrition of milk, it should always be boiled at a low temperature and only after adding a little water. According to nutritionists, you can boil milk once and whenever you want to drink it, you can drink it lukewarm. There is no need to boil whole milk again and again.

What is the right way to boil milk?

If you want that the nutrients present in milk are not destroyed and you get the right benefits of drinking milk, then for this we are telling you the right way to boil milk. First of all, take out the milk in a utensil and put it on the gas on high flame. Then slow down the gas. Now keep stirring the milk continuously with a spoon while boiling. As soon as the milk starts boiling, immediately turn off the gas. Keep in mind that never keep very hot milk in the fridge.

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