Eating late at night and going to sleep immediately is 'dangerous'! never make this mistake

Health Tips: If healthy food is not taken at the right time, then its benefit is less. In Ayurveda also the time of eating food has been fixed. It has been told that at what time food should be eaten and at what time water should be drunk, so that health can get its benefit. You hardly know that there is a time in a day when eating food can not only increase obesity but also increase the risk of cancer. Science also accepts this thing. If cells start growing in an abnormal way, then it can cause cancer. Let's know when we should not eat food...

eating late is dangerous

A research by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health has found that the time of eating can tell whether someone is at risk of cancer. It has been found in this study that after eating food after 9 o'clock in the night, if there is no gap of two hours between going to bed, then the risk of cancer in such people is up to 25 percent more than the rest.

dinner link to cancer

Actually, the time to sleep and wake up is fixed in the biological clock of the body. This happens according to the 24 hours of the day. This is called circadian rhythm. This clock does not work after 9 pm. Because according to the body it is time to sleep. Now if someone eats food at this time, then the circadian clock rhythm of his body gets disturbed. Because of this, there is a serious impact on appetite and sleep and there is a danger of going into stress.

Which type of cancer is more prone

In this research, more than 600 men suffering from cancer and more than 1,200 women suffering from cancer were included. In which it was found that he has never worked at night. There has been no history of his night shift, yet he got cancer. After several interviews and questions, the timing of his meals was ascertained. In which it was found that after about two to three hours of eating, they go to bed to sleep. In such people, the risk of breast and prostate cancer is about 20 percent less. At the same time, the risk of cancer was found to be very high in those who ate late at night.

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