Excessive use of AI can cause you this serious problem, shocking thing revealed in new study

AI Leads To Insomnia And Loneliness: AI means Artificial Intelligence. It is not just a word but now it has become a necessity. Simply say that Artificial Intelligence has made human life a lot easier. This is the reason that these days the craze for artificial intelligence is running high. Ever since Chat GPT has come into the market, everyone has become familiar with this term to a great extent. Some people are calling it a boon. All these things are on one side, but do you know that artificial intelligence is also becoming a threat to human life. Yes, a study by the American Psychological Association has revealed that employees associated with Artificial Intelligence systems are facing many problems. Due to this, there has been an increase in sleeplessness and drinking alcohol. Let us know about this in detail.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

If you understand in simple language, when the machine starts doing any human work thinking like humans, then it is called Artificial Intelligence. Where it has its merits, there are also many disadvantages related to its health.

AI is becoming a victim of this problem: study

It has been found in the study that people who work with Artificial Intelligence, they feel lonely. He does not sleep and he is becoming addicted to alcohol. Researchers from the University of Georgia conducted four experiments in the US, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. For this, scientists did research for three weeks on 166 people working with AI of a Taiwanese biomedical company. During this, the people involved in the research talked about loneliness, sense of belonging and concern about attachment. During this, it was also found that people who work with AI, at least after returning home, are not able to sleep properly and drink alcohol. It was also revealed in the research that people who work with AI He is always ready to help others. This is because they want to be socially active. Let's try to stay connected with people by helping them.

What did the investigator say?

Pok Man Tang, the chief researcher of the study, said that it is very important to avoid this. For this, the company should make some such features from which human voice can also come and the employee should not feel that he is working with the machine while working. Apart from this, people should work with AI at least for a while.

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