Heavy rain alert in many places, follow these safety tips in such weather

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an 'Orange' alert for these states including Mumbai for 48 hours. Those who do not know about Orange Alert, tell them that what exactly is Orange Alert? The Orange Alert of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) means that the states which have been kept in the Orange Alert Zone need to take some special care within a period of 24 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There is a possibility of more than 115.5 mm of heavy rain in this area. In such a situation, people of these areas are being warned to follow some precautions.

There will be heavy rains in these states including Mumbai

According to KS Hosalikar, a senior scientist at the IMD in Pune, the monsoon is likely to intensify in the Konkan region, including Mumbai and its surrounding cities, as the rains move north. As a result, heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely. Due to which warnings can also be issued for Konkan, Vidarbha and Madhya Maharashtra.

According to the news published in Hindustan Times, Orange Alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department for Palghar, Thane, Mumbai, Raigad and Ratnagiri districts. has been issued. Mumbai received an additional 47 mm of rain after 176 mm of rain recorded in the last 24 hours. This significant rain has helped in reducing the rain deficit of the entire month. Which was 95% on 21 June. However, according to IMD data, the reduction was 42% till Monday morning.

Take care of these things while stepping out of the house during the rainy season

People get tensed while going out of the house during the rainy season. Many people do not like to go out at all, while some people follow many precautions even if they do go out. It is not safe to step out of the house during the rainy season. In such a situation, there is a need to take special care of some special things.

Take special care of feet

Whenever you go out in the rainy season Take special care of feet. There are many types of bacteria in rain water. In such a situation, there is a fear of infection in the feet. So avoid walking. Wash your feet with soap whenever you come from outside.

Stay away from electric wires

There is a fear of electrocution from electric wires in the rain. Is. That's why whenever you go out in the rain, avoid passing around the electric wire. Avoid going out with children.

Insect risk

Beware of insects in the rainy season. In the rainy season, there is a danger of serious diseases like dengue and malaria through mosquitoes. Not only this, flies and cockroaches also thrive in this season.

Take care while driving in the rain

In the rain Drive the car carefully. Because the risk of the vehicle slipping in the rain is high and it can also fall into the pit. So don't be in a hurry but drive slowly.

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