If these three parts of the body are suffering from pain, then there may be an attack of bad cholesterol

These Body Parts Gives High Cholesterol Warning: Cholesterol is such an enemy of the body that it keeps getting accumulated inside and it is not detected at all. Sometimes people get to know that how much bad cholesterol has increased in their body only after getting blood test done or due to some other problem. Very few people know that before presenting any major problem, the information about accumulation of bad cholesterol starts coming in different ways. The body itself starts giving this ultimatum that now the amount of cholesterol in the body is increasing. You just have to understand these signs of the body and take the right decisions at the right time. There are three parts of the body where there is severe pain, then you can understand that the amount of bad cholesterol is increasing in the body.

There will be severe pain in these three parts

pain in thai

If there is more bad cholesterol in the body, then there will be pain in the thighs. When cholesterol increases, blockage starts in the artery. The weight of which causes pain. Sometimes the nerves also seem to be cramping. Now, if someone has pain in the thigh for a long time and also feels cramps, then considering it as a sign of increasing cholesterol, one should contact the doctor.

pain near the hips

Like the thighs, pain and cramps start near the hips, that is, near the hips. Due to lack of proper blood circulation in these parts, the pain starts increasing here. This is also a symptom of increasing bad cholesterol.

pain in soles

If there is pain in the soles of the feet or calves, do not ignore that too. Along with pain, if you feel coldness or numbness in the soles or the skin looks bluish blue, then also understand that it can be due to bad cholesterol. Along with this, if you see swelling in the fingers of the soles, then understand that it is not appropriate to delay in meeting the doctor.

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