International Yoga Day 2023: These two yoga asanas keep the uterus healthy

Today the whole world is celebrating Yoga Day. This special day is celebrated every year on 21st of June. The benefits of yoga are many. Nowadays, from school to college-office, people are being taught yoga as well as being made aware. Yoga not only cures you physical health but it also gives you peace by calming your mind. Every year this year the theme of International Yoga Day is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Which means the whole earth is like one family. As you are getting to know from this theme itself, through this it is being tried to tell that all the people of this earth are like our family and yoga is very important for everyone's health.

With the help of yoga, treatment of many diseases has become possible. Yoga should be made necessary especially for women. Because after a time women have to struggle with uterus, ovarian, breast cancer. There are many women who are not able to conceive at the right time. In such a situation, there is yoga which can get you rid of these problems.

On the occasion of this special Yoga Day, we will tell how women can keep their uterus and ovaries healthy through yoga. Today, on this special occasion, we are going to tell you about two yogasanas related to it.

butterfly posture

To keep the uterus or ovary healthy, women must do butterfly posture everyday. If you do this daily, then your legs will get strength as well as the uterus will also be healthy. First of all, sit facing the Sun. After this, keep the legs very straight and then bend the knees of the feet and join the soles with each other. Now fold your hands and hold the soles of your feet. After this, close both the eyes.

Move both legs like a butterfly. Do this asana for 5 minutes. People who have knee complaints will also get relief from the very gate.


Setubandhasana as the name suggests means to make the whole body like a bridge. By doing this asana, the muscles of the abdomen, back, legs, hands get strengthened, as well as the uterus also remains healthy. By doing this asana, women who are not able to conceive will get a lot of help.

To do this, lay the most yoga mat. And take a deep breath. After this, keeping both your hands from the knees of the feet, keep the soles on the ground. Then try to lift the hips till the shoulders while folding both your palms. Then hold the breath and remain in this pose. Now straighten your legs. You have to repeat this 5 times.

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