Know the benefits of black tea, now know the disadvantages too, leave the habit, there will be loss

Black Tea Side Effects: Be careful if you drink black tea excessively, otherwise there can be serious damage to your health. In many research regarding drinking tea, it has been found that if tea is consumed in the right quantity then it can be beneficial, but if it is too much then it can also cause serious harm. Black tea has been considered beneficial in most of the research. Being rich in antioxidants, black tea can improve problems ranging from heart to intestine and diabetes. This also strengthens immunity and you can avoid infectious diseases. But some recent reports have cautioned against drinking more black tea. This can cause serious damage to the kidney.

black tea and kidney

Where on one hand black tea is beneficial for everything from heart to diabetes, on the other hand it is not considered good for kidney health. Mixed results have been found in many studies. Researchers have found that caffeine is found in tea and coffee, which can have both positive and negative effects on the kidney. These studies have shown that caffeine is beneficial for the kidneys as it can improve the glomerular filtration rate. This rate shows how well the kidney is working.

why black tea is bad for kidney

Caffeine is beneficial for the kidney but it is also harmful. Blood pressure can be affected by caffeine. Some studies have found that high amounts of caffeine can increase systolic and diastolic blood pressure. High blood pressure is the biggest risk of kidney disease. That's why things with caffeine can be harmful for the kidney. The oxalate found in black tea causes maximum damage to the kidneys. Soluble oxalates in high concentration can bind to calcium and form crystals. This can also cause stone in the kidney. That is why black tea should not be consumed in excess to take care of kidney health.

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