Murgh Makhani butter chicken on top in the world's best recipe, this is the list of other Indian dishes

Many types of chicken recipes are eaten and made all over the world. As many countries and people as many types of chicken test. From the succulent roasted chicken of North America to the smoky tandoori chicken of India, they are loved all over the world. Many varieties of chicken recipes are eaten all over the world. Now all the recipes of chicken eaten all over the world have been ranked on the basis of their taste and popularity. 'Taste Atlas' has recently released a complete list of 'World Most Famous' Chicken Recipes. In which 50 chicken recipes of the world have found place.

Taste Atlas released food list

Taste Atlas tells that it People from all over the world get voting for their favorite recipe. Then on the basis of its test and popularity, includes it in this  list or gives it a rating. The best thing about this website is that recipes from all over the world are included in the list only on the basis of its popularity and taste. The list of 'World's Best Chicken' recipe has been released on 23 June 2023. The recipe got place in this list on the basis of 7 thousand 425 votes. Jujeh Kebab. The Grilled Chicken Kebab is included in the list of best chicken recipes in the world. It is a staple of Iranian cuisine and has two popular variations, according to Taste Atlas. One which uses boneless chicken and the other which is prepared with boneless chicken. It is often enjoyed served with grilled tomatoes, onions, lavash bread, or saffron rice.

Jujeh Kebab is followed by Dak Galbi from Chuncheon in South Korea and Murgh Makhani from India. Three other Indian chicken dishes - Tikka, Tandoori Murgh, and Chicken 65 ranked 4th, 19th and 25th.

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