Poha or rice, what is more beneficial for health… here is the answer

Poha vs Rice: In our country both Poha and rice are eaten with great gusto. Poha is preferred in breakfast. It is easily saved. That's why it is kept in the best option for morning breakfast. While it is said that obesity increases by eating rice and health gets many problems. The biggest question is that when Poha and Rice are made from the same grain, then why is there so much difference. Let's know from the expert...

What do experts say about poha and rice

Health experts say that compared to rice and poha, poha is low in calories and high in fiber. For this reason it is considered more healthy. However, there is a difference in the nutritional value of both. According to nutrition experts, due to not being polished, fiber is very high in Poha. Now fiber is popular for controlling blood sugar level. This also improves digestion. Iron is also found in large quantities in Poha. That's why it can be very helpful in diseases like anemia.

Poha or rice which is more beneficial


Compared to rice and poha, it is digested well due to the high fiber content in poha. Due to the fullness of the stomach, there is no feeling of hunger too soon and the blood sugar level is also maintained. If you don't feel hungry after eating poha, then you can avoid eating outside food.


Iron is also more available in poha. It helps a lot in the production of red blood cells. It also works to protect against dangerous diseases like anemia. Those suffering from iron deficiency are advised to eat Poha.


When rice is cooked, then the calories available in it are more than poha. Since poha does not have to be cooked for a long time, it does not become too heavy. Poha is beneficial for those who are alert about calories.

easy to cook poha

Now talking about cooking both, Poha gets cooked easily as compared to rice. Poha is mostly eaten in breakfast. Adding vegetables and spices to it makes it more beneficial and tasty.

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