Take care of yourself in this way in the changing season, especially be alert from these three diseases

These days the weather is changing a lot. Sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain. In such a situation, many diseases make their victims. That's why we have to be a little cautious in the changing season so that there is no risk of disease. These days three diseases are making more people their victims. The risk of spreading disease is high in this season. During this, the risk of diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungus is high.

Be aware of these diseases spread by rain water

mosquito borne diseases

Be alert from the disease occurring in the rainy season. Like- Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya. This is the time for breeding of mosquitoes. In which mosquito lays eggs. During this time mosquitoes spread their wrath.

diseases caused by dirty water and food

In this season, due to dirty water, diseases occur immediately. such as typhoid and cholera. While washing clothes, take care of water while drinking water. Be alert from these diseases. And stay away from dirty water.

risk of infection

Sometimes sunshine and sometimes rain, due to this, many types of infections develop immediately. The risk of bacterial infection remains very high. Because of which there is a complaint of flu and fever. In such a situation, avoid infection in the weather.

How to protect in this changing season

To avoid diseases occurring during the rainy season, you have to take special care of some special things. That's why whenever you drink water at home or outside, take care of special things. Take special care of the water stored in the cooler and garden. Because of which mosquitoes can breed in it. Keep the doors and windows of the house closed as soon as the evening comes. Always keep an umbrella while going out of the house. Try to eat hot food and drink plenty of water. Drink water only after boiling it. Stay healthy.


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