The body starts giving these signals before periods, does something like this happen to you too?

Before and during periods, women face many physical problems. Along with this, some physical problems also start. Problems like bloating, body stiffness, pain and mood swings start. All these things cannot be ignored. There may be some new problems every time before periods. If your lifestyle is healthy then your experience before periods may be different.

leg pain

Before the arrival of periods, there is a strange pain in the feet. Not only this, there is a feeling of stretching in the thighs as well. You must have noticed that before the arrival of periods, you suddenly feel strange pain in your feet.

Pain around the waist with abdomen, pelvis

Before the arrival of periods, mild pain starts around the stomach. That pain is such that you can feel comfortable that you are going to have periods soon. It is not necessary that every women will have the same pain but some may have sharp and some may have sweet pain. After this pain, you will get an idea that periods are about to come.

feeling weak

Some people feel weakness before periods. He gets tired immediately. Seeing this sign, women or girls understand that they are going to have periods.

mood swings also occur

Mood swings start happening before periods. Because of which there are situations like irritability, sadness, tension. Pimples can also come before periods.

There are changes in breast pain or size

Before the arrival of periods, there are many women whose breasts start changing. For example, there can be problems like swelling, change in size and pain in the breast. Some such changes are seen in the breast due to which it is known that periods are about to come.

If you want to avoid problems before periods, then take care of these things

Keep your diet good. Means take healthy diet

get 8 hours of sleep

give maximum rest to the body

take care of cleanliness

Use good quality sanitary pads

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