The secret of Alia Bhatt's tremendous fitness is hidden in beetroot ... you should also know how to eat it

Alia Bhatt Beetroot Recipe: Bollywood's famous actress Alia Bhatt remains in the spotlight due to her beauty, acting as well as her fitness. Alia has now become the mother of a child. But even today people's eyes stop seeing Aaliya's toned figure, glowing face. Alia's fitness routine is quite strict. She takes great care of her food. To stay fit, she includes a special type of beetroot salad in her diet… let's know about it.

How to make healthy and tasty beetroot salad with Alia Bhatt

    • First, grate two beetroots and boil them in a big bowl.
    • Take out the boiled beetroot in a bowl and add curd to it
    • After this add black pepper and chaat masala according to your taste.
    • After this add coriander to the beetroot salad.
    • Now prepare for tempering.
    • For this you have to heat mustard oil in a pan.
    • When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves and fry
    • Now turn off the gas and put this tempering in the beetroot salad.
    • Your tasty and healthy beetroot salad is ready to eat.

Know the benefits of eating beet

1.Let us tell you that beetroot is a very good superfood. Many nutrients like sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron are found in abundance in it. If you include beetroot in your diet, it can solve many of your problems.

2.It keeps the digestion process right. Let us tell you that the nutrients present in beetroot increase the good bacteria in the intestine. Because of which the digestive system works properly. Apart from this, the fiber found in it also helps in improving digestion. It relieves problems like constipation and acidity.

3.This helps in boosting immunity. Explain that the iron found in beetroot helps in meeting the deficiency of blood in the body.

4.Antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C potassium, magnesium fiber are found in beetroot. It improves skin cells. Due to which the skin becomes glowing. It provides sufficient hydration to the skin. It is an excellent blood purifier, which destroys the harmful particles present in the body and removes toxins from the blood. Because of which shine is visible on the face.

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