These things which are beneficial for health can spoil your digestion in monsoon, exclude them from diet

Food You Should Avoid In Monsoon: Monsoon has knocked almost all over India. In such a situation, eating hot pakodas in rainy days is a different pleasure, but some food items are very harmful for your health, because during this time the risk of infection, cough, cold and fever increases rapidly. And it can also weaken our digestive system. In such a situation, we tell you five such things that you should not eat during the rains.


Consuming curd is considered very beneficial, but curd has a cooling effect, so consuming it during rains can cause cold, cold and fever.

green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are no less than a panacea for our health, but during the rainy season, the chances of getting insects in these green leafy vegetables are very high. Not only this, these green vegetables also work to increase the vata dosha. In such a situation, you should not consume them and even if you eat green vegetables, you should eat them after cleaning them thoroughly and boiling them.

tank water

During the rainy season, we should avoid drinking water from the tank kept on the roof or built inside the ground, because bacteria, earthworms and viruses grow the fastest in it. In such a situation, during the rains, you should first boil the tank or tap water and filter it and use it.

Raw Salad

Although eating salad is very beneficial for our health, but during rains, raw salad like cucumber, carrot, tomato, lettuce is prone to insects and eating it in raw form also increases stomach discomfort, In this case it should be avoided.


Mushroom is such a vegetable which has the fastest fungus. During rain, many germs and caterpillars can grow inside it through the soil, which are very harmful for your health.

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