These two parts of the body keep growing throughout life, 99% people do not know the answer!

Human Body Fact: Very few people know that there are two parts of our body which keep on growing throughout life. With ageing, both these organs keep changing their shape. You may be surprised to hear but it is completely true. The names of these two organs are ear and nose. The shape of ears and nose keep changing with age. However, what is the reason behind this, very few people have information about it. Let us know what is the answer of Science (Human Body Fact) behind the continuous growth of ear and nose…

causes of ear-nose enlargement

According to the Webmd website, science says that the reason behind growing or continuing to grow ears and nose is nothing but changes in the skin and the effect of gravity. Other parts of the body also change in the same way. However, the ears and nose are quickly visible from the outside.

how long does our body grow

The body of most of us grows only till the age of 20 years. After this its growth stops. By then the bones have taken their full shape. Roth plates have fused together and then there is no chance of bone growth.

how much does the skull and pelvis grow

The only bones that grow in the body are the skull and the pelvis. It increases from the age of 20 to 79 years. By this age, the diameter of the hips may increase by up to an inch, while the skull may bulge slightly around the forehead.

Why do nose and ears hang

Skin, cartilage and muscles keep on changing even after bone growth stops. Due to aging, the tissues of the skin and cartilage become weak and break down. In this case the ears and nose hang down. Since, the nose and ears are made of cartilage, which is a flexible tissue. It is hard than skin and soft than bone. Then with aging it deteriorates and is unable to support the upper skin. Because of which the skin starts to loose on aging and because of this the ears and nose start to look longer.

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